Group coaching services

VIP Hybrid Gold 2.0 – Best For Start-Ups & Existing Agencies w/Less Than 350 Hours

Here’s everything you’ll get inside our VIP Hybrid Gold 2.0 coaching program:

Regular Price: $10,997

1x Payment Incentive: $5,997

In-House Payment Plan: $6,997

Special Financing Price: $7,997

Guest Instructors

The VIP Hybrid Coaching Program offers opportunities for successful clients to give back to new hybrid members through their experience. These instructors will assist members through their topic based LIVE sessions, all sessions are recorded and archived for later viewing. The sessions are bonuses for hybrid members and changes may apply. 


The best thing about these instructors is that they’ve been exactly where you’re right now. Tired, overwhelmed, and having no clue about what steps they need to take to build a profitable home care agency business.

VIP Gold Hybrid is what changed their life and now it’s YOUR TIME. it’s time for you to stop living from paycheck to paycheck and build a business you could be proud of.

Life has so much to offer. You JUST have to make this promising investment and claim your share of this billion-dollar industry by using your gifts and compassion to help people who need it the most.

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Thank you for taking the time to view our services. As a home care start-up coach and growth expert, I look forward to assisting you with starting and or growing your private duty agency. 

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