The VIP Hybrid Gold 2.0 program is ideal for individuals who have a desire to open a non-medical home care agency. 

Included in program:

  • Establishing business entity
  • Assistance w/ State Licensing, if applicable (Customized Policies & Procedures)

Our Proven System + You Doing The Work = Successful Agency

Are you ready to follow your dreams, start your own business, and be your own boss?

With the VIP Hybrid Gold 2.0 Coaching program, you can make those dreams a reality!

An in-depth 12 month experience created to support every HomeCarePreneurTM to build the business they’ve always wanted, increase their income, and impact their community.

For as long as you can remember, you’ve been dreaming about…

❖ Finding success and independence as an entrepreneur

❖ Building a business that gives back and helps others

❖ Providing great careers for people in your community

❖ Being the boss instead of answering to one

❖ Earning the income you deserve for your hard work

❖ Using your gifts and compassion to help others live a better life


But you’ve been held back from your dreams by…

❖ Not feeling sure of what type of business is right for you

❖ Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to get started

❖ A lack of support and accountability to follow your dreams

❖ Feeling insecure and stuck, afraid of failing

❖ Confusion of where to get relevant, up-to-date information to open a business

It’s time to put your dreams into action and open your own Home Care Agency! There’s a growing need for qualified nursing care for the elderly and disabled community, and a serious lack of agencies available to provide quality service. As a HomeCarePreneurTM, you can be your own boss, achieve financial security, and provide a wonderful, much-needed service to your community!

Not sure how to start your own Home Care Agency? You’re not alone!

With the VIP Hybrid Gold 2.0 Coaching Program, you’ll get the information, resources, and the support you need to build a solid, successful agency from the ground up!


I’m Here to Help Make Your Dreams a Reality!

I’m Coach Michele, a serial-entrepreneur who, with my husband, Coach Rob, have a mission to help families break free from the cycle of low income and career insecurity through knowledge and entrepreneurship. Together, we have built an award-winning team of experts and entrepreneurs who share our mission. Our team serves others by guiding aspiring entrepreneurs in business development, entrepreneurship, and career transitioning into the multi-billion dollar industry of private duty, non-skilled home care!

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So, if you are ready to:

➢ Stop being an employee and start being the BOSS…

➢ Break free from the stress of low-income and job insecurity and build your OWN business…

➢ Live a life of financial freedom…

➢ Get unstuck from an unsatisfying life and find your purpose…

➢ Create a solid, stable business in a multi-billion dollar industry…

➢ Provide wonderful jobs and opportunities for the people in your community…

➢ Provide a much-needed service and help vulnerable people enjoy a better quality of life…

Join the VIP Hybrid Coaching Program and Go From Aspiring Entrepreneur to Active CEO!

How does the VIP Hybrid Gold 2.0 Coaching Program take you from a dream to a HomeCarePreneur?

★ (8) Lessons with detailed, step-by-step guides of how to start, operate and grow your agency.

★ 300+ hours of Archived Videos of Coach Michele’s Coaching Sessions w/other VIP members (new videos added monthly)

★ In-Depth group calls featuring Q&As, strategy building, opportunities, and troubleshooting obstacles

Limited-Time Access: BONUS Archive Recorded Instructor lead guidance for each lesson 

BONUS: Success Toolbox – Get access to Coach Michele’s toolbox of resources, forms, and templates that she use for her day-to-day operations!


The VIP Hybrid Gold 2.0 Coaching Program starts at the very beginning of what it takes to build a thriving Home Care Agency, and together, we go step-by-step through the process. No feeling overwhelmed, no worrying or wondering what to do next, and if you get off-track, you have me and my fantastic team to help you on your journey!

12 month Course Lesson Overview

Lesson 1: Business Branding Essentials
○ Choosing a name for your agency ○ Creating and reserving a domain identity ○ Developing a color scheme ○ Designing a logo ○ Trademark and service mark ○ Crafting your Mission & Vision Statement ★ BONUS: Branding Extended! ○ Font style ○ Setting your agency apart ○ Personal presentation & representing your brand
Lesson 2: Business Legalities
○ Getting your Employer Identification Number and National Provider Number ○ Local business licensing ○ Business banking ○ Knowing business insurance ○ Local, State, & Federal tax identifiers
Lesson 3: Business Foundation
○ Financial analysis ○ Determining your ideal client ○ Service solutions ○ Territory analysis and choosing your office location ○ Drawing up a business plan ○ Establishing your company legal entity
State Licensing
○ How to apply for your state license ○ Business policies and procedures ★ BONUS: Website 101 (everything you need to know about starting a website and improving the one you have)
Lesson 4: Administrative Systems
○ Setting up your office ○ Creating a filing system ○ Email management ○ Software for your business ○ Getting paperwork and forms together ★ BONUS: Behind the Scenes of Home Care Ownership
Lesson 5: Staffing
○ Understanding and conducting payroll ○ Understanding labor laws ○ What is On-Boarding? ○ Creating a call-out policy ○ Training your caregivers & managing credentials ○ Keeping employee records ○ Understanding human resources ○ Employee software
Lesson 6: Clients
○ Understanding software for clients ○ All about Invoicing ○ Accounts receivable ○ Client record system and intake process ○ Compliance with laws and regulations ○ Creating service plans
Lesson 7: Marketing for Success
○ Understanding software for clients ○ All about Invoicing ○ Accounts receivable ○ Client record system and intake process ○ Compliance with laws and regulations
Lesson 8: Building Relationships
○ Applying for insurance ○ Feeling stuck with marketing and referrals ○ Visiting professional referral sources ○ Expanding your service area

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