Home Care Empowerment Conference

Home Care Empowerment Conference

PURPOSE: We have all experienced Ups & Downs in life and business. Let’s leverage our PURPOSE to fuel the goals and dreams we have. 

Nothing helps expedite this process more than surrounding yourself with “Like-minded” individuals who’ve come together to grow in business and knowledge.

Agenda: Empowerment, Success Strategies, Business, Collaborations, Entertainment & More!


Friday: March 25th 9am-5pm Conference

Friday: March 25th 7pm-11pm “Family Cook-Out”

Saturday: March 26th 9am-5pm Conference

Saturday: March 26th 7pm-11pm “White Party”

Sunday: March 27th 10am – 2pm “VIP Brunch” VIP Coaching Clients Only

Conference = Business Casual

Cook-Out = Casual (presentable)

White Party = Dress Attire = (Cocktail)

Conference T-shirt

We will be wearing the T-Shirt on Friday night during the Family Cook Out by the Lake!!!

A personal thank you to all the Home Care Empowerment Conference attendees.

It would not have been the same event without each and every one of you. Your energy, participation, and determination filled the conference room with a powerful presence that is still felt to this day. The connections and breakthroughs we made have spread across the nation causing HomeCarePreneurs to chase their dreams with an extreme passion.

We’re grateful to be part of your lives and your journey.

Best Regards,

​Coach Michele & Coach Rob