Conversation's W/Coach michele

Conversation w/Coach Michele

Whether you’ve owned a home care agency for several years now or you’re just getting started, you will have to deal with the ever-present challenges of the home care industry, from enhancing your mindset to learning techniques to improve your life and business.

We are a global community of like-minded individuals with one goal in mind – to help and support each other in building widely successful lives. Ours is a platform where just about anyone with an interest in the home care industry can hang out and connect with individuals who have already dealt with just about any challenge related to the industry. This is where home care agency owners, and aspiring owners too, gain access to practical and proven insights and various resources for business, and most notably, a better life for themselves, their loved ones, their clients, and their employees. 

Tribe Purpose: To increase professionalism and confidence within the Home Care Industry, one agency owner at a time.

  • Are you a home care agency owner or aspiring to become one who feels alone

  • Do you have challenges as an entrepreneur?

  • Maybe you’ve been struggling to build your business or you simply feel overwhelmed and consumed by everything?

  • Do you have a support system? 

  • Somewhere you can hang out with like-minded business owners to help guide you in solving your problem?

The Community Is For You If You Wish To:

  • Level Up your life and business
  • Learn and expand your mindset.
  • Stay abreast of industry changes.
  • Increase your business savvy and confidence.
  • Share ideas with like-minded individuals, solve problems, and gain business/life tips.
  • Network and get insight by some of the brightest minds in the industry.d


Coach Michele is blessing her membership with the complete Candid Conversations with Coach Michele Library and this also includes any NEW Candid Conversations in the future. 

Candid Conversation w/Coach Michele is an informal casual conversation focusing on a specific topic of choice. The topic will be announced and will include one of the below subjects:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Finances

Bring your pen & paper!  

Average price per Candid Conversation $69-$197 (Complimentary for members)
Keep a look out for new Candid Conversations dropping and join them LIVE for FREE.
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Membership also includes....

Monthly Membership

$47 monthly reg. $97