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VIP Hybrid Gold 2.0 Tutorial

1) Hi i’m __________ with Michele Lee Ellis Consulting, how are you today? (Wait for respond) Reply accordingly


“We only have about 15 minutes together today.  The way you’ll get the most out of this call is if I ask you some questions…And you tell me everything you think I need to know. And then we’ll figure out if this program is a good fit for both parties…How does that sound?”

(1st, is this call concerning starting or growing a non-medical private duty home care agency?)*If YES continue…if No politely encourage them to research the home care industry…”it might be a good fit for you” and schedule a call if they have a desire to start a home care agency in the future. “Hope you have an awesome day…Goodbye”


1a. I’m a Coaching Program Representative, my job consist of qualifying prospective clients for our VIP coaching program. I’ll be your first line of contact, but I can’t sign you up for the program unless you meet the requirements outlined by the Program Director. So I’ll be screening you for the Program Director while hopefully answering all your questions. “Fair enough” (wait for response) we love working with our ideal clients”.


1b. Do you have a partner, or spouse that will be in business with you? (If yes; say we require all decision makers on the call, could you conference them into the call?)


*If partner is unavailable reschedule call


*If no partner, move forward


2) Let me ask you this: How long have you been wanting to start a non-medical home care agency? (Note#1)


2a) ________ yrs/mths hmmm….What has stopped you from starting or opening your agency? (Note#2)


2*) (Only If financial) – What has changed within your finances that has allowed you to move forward “today” with starting your business? (Note#3)


2**) (If NOT financial) – What part of the _________ process caused you the most problems? (Note#4)


I totally understand, you are not alone. Many of our VIP clients felt the same way before getting assistance from Coach Michele.


3) Have you seen Coach Michele’s videos on Youtube or Facebook? (Note#5)


3a) What do you think about Coach Michele’s knowledge of the home care industry? (Note#6)


Yes I agree, she is amazing!!!


3b) If you had the answers to all your questions where do you think you’d be on your journey? (Note#7)


We get that alot…I totally understand


3c) Do you have any obstacles in your path that might prevent you from following through with the coaching program and doing the work? (Note#8)


Acknowledge response: Respond accordingly


We only want to work with individuals who are willing to put in the work and have a burning desire to be successful…so far you sound like you would be a great candidate for this program.


4) What made you want to get into this industry? (Note#9)


Acknowledge and respond


6) Who all could you help when you have a successful agency and financial freedom? (Note#10)


Acknowledge and respond


Ok…here’s the toughest question – Soooo WHAT HAPPENS if you cannot do this? Worst case scenario…your dream of start an agency never happens…what then? (Note#11)


“Wow, okay, this sounds like a pretty big deal. How long do you want to wait before making this happen?”


“Great, I think we have something that can assist you…”

“How would you feel if I told you we have help other aspiring heart centered entrepreneurs just like yourself accomplish their goals of owning their own home care agency.



Coach Michele has designed this program based on her personal experience of starting and operating a successful private duty home care business. The business support provided to our clients across the country has been exceptional.


We love working with passionate aspiring entrepreneurs who are dedicated action takers ready to get started. Would you like to learn more about how we can get started on your journey?


AWESOME! We do not accept everyone into our program however, I believe you’ll be a good fit based on your strong desire and commitment to success.


Coach Michele and her team will guide you through the start-up phase while supporting you with the necessary tools to help (Key Notes from Note#10) so, (Key Notes from Note#11) doesn’t happen.


The investment for the VIP Hybrid Coaching Program is only $10,997 however for committed individuals like yourself we do offer a 1x only fast action bonus which gives you and instant savings of $5,000 which makes your investment today only $5,997 when paying in full.


(Do Not Respond 1st after giving the price)

                     “The Stand-Off”


What type of card would you like to use today?


Oh I understand, no problem I can set you up on a payment plan with $1,497.00 Down and (10)monthly payments of $550.00. This includes a fast action bonus savings of $4,000. It’s only $6,997


(Do Not Respond 1st after giving the price)

                     “The Stand-Off”


If indecisive run down Notes

*You’ve been wanting to do this for…


* I’m offering you the answers, you said…


*This is an opportunity to


* Are you familiar with the term “OPM” investing? (wait for response)

It stands for investing with “Other Peoples Money” such as credit cards, loans or other resources…is that an option for you?


When you mentioned (Note#9) It seemed genuine. What I’ll do is hold this 1x offer for 48hrs, I’d hate to see your journey end here. Explore the “OPM” option and email me at info@micheleleeellis.com and I’ll honor the Fast Action Bonus for 48hrs.


What type of card would you like to use today? Great, congratulations, let’s get you approved and registered. (get full name, email, phone number, billing address, credit card, expiration date, cvc code on back) (After successfully processed) Advised he/she will receive a receipt via email, soon after you’ll receive a digital agreement to sign and a New Client Welcome email within 2 business days of signing the Agreement with instructions pertaining to getting started. You will also need to provide us will your email associated with your Facebook account, so we can grant you access to the Private Facebook Group.


Thank you and again welcome to The VIP Family I’m so happy for you and your journey.