3 Signs You Can Become a Successful Homecarepreneur


Your compassion for elderly people is the strongest weapon you have as a homecarepreneur.

Winning Mindset

You don’t let little obstacles sabotage your growth as an entrepreneur.

Urge to Serve

You feel proud while helping and serving vulnerable people.

Welcome aspiring homecarepreneur,

There has never been a better time than NOW to put your dreams into action and start your own home care agency!

Does any of these sound familiar…

If so, you’re in the right place!
As a Home Care Consultant, I’m here to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you start their home care agency and unlock financial freedom.
See, there’s a growing need for qualified nursing care for the elderly and disabled community, and there are ONLY A FEW agencies out there who provide quality
According to a recent study, the home care industry is projected to grow to $97 billion. It’s time you claim your share of this fast-growing industry.

As a homecarepreneur, you can:

Enjoy the freedom of time & money.

All by proving a much-needed service to your community that you’ll feel proud about. And to help you achieve all your goals and give you a roadmap on how you can turn your dreams into reality, we’re here to help. Contact us at 888-462-8885 and find out how you can be the next success story of the best Home Care Coach in the industry.

Do you have the “MUSTS” of running a successful Home Care business? If not, we’re here to help you with each step.


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frequently asked questions

No, you DO NOT need to be an RN and or have a college degree.

Coach Michele and her team will assist, mentor, and coach you for 12 months.

No, not at all. It does vary from state to state based on the licensing process.

It depends on if your state requires a license. There are many that do not i.e. Michigan, Arizona, Mississippi, Ohio to name a few.

No, you do not need $85K. Coach Michele actually shares her strategies on not having a large sum of money set aside for payroll.

No, she doesn't. That would be impossible. However, she will teach you how to market and share growth techniques.

Coach Michele guarantees her policies 100%.

we have a 100% success rate. Our policies are written based on the laws, codes, and or rules & regulations. We DO NOT provide generic policies. They WILL NOT PASS!

Nope, you must do the work. We guarantee our system is Top Notch and will set you up for success!

Actually, our programs are extremely competitive. Most consultancy firms' rates are higher than ours and give less. Lastly, we have a proven record of our clients succeeding and receiving a return on investment extremely fast.

No, you will not. It's an empowerment conference and you will not leave the same!

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